We develop a wide range and typologies of projects where we accompany from preliminary design to construction.

JFA can develop a wide range of projects within different typologies. We believe it’s important to keep our clients closely involved throughout the entire process: from the preliminary design all way through to the end of construction.

We are proactive, bringing the client’s project to life whilst maintaining a sharp focus on the needs expressed by the client. Before we embark on a
project, we make sure that both the client and JFA have matching visions and expectations.

We provide the following design and management services:


– Cultural
– Public housing
– Private residential housing
– Extensions
– Facilities
– Educational
– Mixed-use buildings


– Public open spaces & parks
– Green spaces

Interior design

– Furniture
– Installations
– Fair stands and booths
– Apartments
– Commercial spaces
– Workspaces
– Healthcare interiors
– Educational interiors
– Cultural spaces
– Exhibition spaces
– Scenography

What we manage

– Feasibility studies
– Preliminary design
– Detailed design
– Building permit(s)
– Production of technical drawings for construction companies
– Consultancy on construction regulations
– Management and coordination of construction premises
– Supervision of general demolition and noise nuisance
– Ensuring safety measures on the construction site
– Evaluating contract terms
– Construction delivery assistance
– Consultancy on eco-building and energy efficient construction materials and building techniques