JFA is multidisciplinary architectural practice with offices in Paris and Ghent. Active on multiple architectural design levels, we develop a board array of private and public projects of varying scales.

Founded by Joshua Florquin, JFA is multidisciplinary architectural practice based in Paris. Active on multiple architectural design levels, we develop a board array of private and public projects of varying scales. Our work includes the design of mixed-use buildings, educational projects, healthcare facilities, housing and residential design, development of workspaces and commercial spaces, interior design, trade fair booths and furniture design. The company has successfully completed projects in France, Germany and Belgium.

JFA stuido’s work has gained international recognition and is frequently featured in publications such as A+ Belgian Architecture, AD Architectural Digest, AMC le moniteur, Interior Design, ID+t Japan, Designboom, Domus, Dezeen and ArchDaily, to name a few.


(Gent, 1984)

Joshua Florquin

Joshua found his practice to explore architecture as an art form as well as a social discipline


Joshua studied architecture at the St Lucas school of Architecture in Ghent, Belgium. In 2006, he moved to Rome to pursue a master’s degree at the Università degli studi Roma Tre Architettura. After graduating with distinction in 2008, he started his professional career in Paris, working for a number of renowned architecture practices. Soon, Joshua was being commissioned to manage public projects of varying scales and within multiple contexts. Throughout his residencies in Tokyo and New York, he broadened his cultural horizons and gained additional professional insights.

In 2014, several years and many successful projects later, Joshua decided that the time had come to found his own practice in Paris. In his view, the city offered – and still does – myriad opportunities to explore architecture as an art form as well as a social discipline. As an architect and as a matter of principle, he immersed himself in the place where he works and lives. Shortly after the establishment of his practice, Joshua’s focus began to shift towards interior design and residential projects. He successfully ventured into retail design, workspace development, educational projects and housing designs, not only in France, but also in Germany and Belgium. Not long after the Paris practice opened its doors, Joshua decided to set up a second office in Ghent, Belgium.

Joshua’s style has been influenced by his wide-ranging interests spanning painting, sculpture, music and literature, all of which keep him continuously curious and inspired. As a consequence, the spaces he designs and creates are characterized by scenic perspectives and sculptural geometry, wood often being an essential element. A deeply rooted fondness of and respect for nature fuel his critical architectural approach: he is keenly aware of the social and environmental difficulties we are all facing and how they are linked to our ambitions. This is a key driver of Joshua’s work..

Joshua Florquin is a licensed architect and a registered member of the Ordre des Architectes in Ile-de-France, Paris and the Orde van ‘Architecten Nationale Raad’ in Brussels.


Joshua Florquin
Joshua FlorquinArchitect & Managing Director
Francesca Borrelli
Francesca BorrelliLandscape Architect
Astrid Van Hove
Astrid Van HoveArchitect & Engineer
Nicolas GielkensArchitect
Anne-Charlotte Chéron
Anne-Charlotte ChéronCommunication Development


JFA pays particular attention to its network of engineering partners, construction companies and craftsmen, one we’ve been building up meticulously ever since the company was founded. The guiding principle here is that only the best will do. The successful outcome of a project hinges on the fruitful collaboration of people from multiple disciplines. Therefore we have developed a dynamic and effective workflow with our partners. From the outset of each project, we work hand in hand with our partners, taking a critical approach and continuously questioning all assumptions. This allows us tackle problems before they arise and ensure successful delivery.